Hyannis to New Jersey Oops no! Engine trouble.

Miles 2450 Weather.. well see the photos. We moored at the Hyannis Yacht Club and watched as twelve boats went out for their final race of the season. Beautiful to see. The launch boat had a cute little unicorn swim ring on the boat. I was hoping it wasn’t one of the PDFs. He saidContinue reading “Hyannis to New Jersey Oops no! Engine trouble.”

A typical three days at Sea

We were certainly very sad to leave Shelburne Nova Scotia and all the beautiful scenery and people there but we must head home to be in Virginia for September 16 where, we have, by popular demand. The return of a crew-member. He makes the photos more interesting. Initially we intended to go to Provincetown. WeContinue reading “A typical three days at Sea”

Shelburne. Last stop in Nova Scotia

Waiting for weather window. August 26 end of Summer. miles 2097 We arrived in Shelburne one of the three largest natural harbors in the world and a population of just under 2000. It was in the middle of the Atlantic Regatta for Lasers. Due to all the other staff being busy we were met atContinue reading “Shelburne. Last stop in Nova Scotia”

Sea Sickness, Engine trouble and then sheer beauty. Dartmouth to Shelbourne

August 22 Mile 2100 by sea 2200 by land. Weather variable There is such a difference between sightseeing by road and by boat. The first thing you may notice is the speed. 60+mph by car and 5 mph at sea. Which means that when you are sailing along you can say. ‘Oh look at thisContinue reading “Sea Sickness, Engine trouble and then sheer beauty. Dartmouth to Shelbourne”

How things can change in one hour!

August 6 Miles 1800+. Weather from hellish to heavenly. Once we got a decent weather report we headed out from Camden. We expected light winds and had just glanced over Chris Parker’s comment about fog. I thought the first picture I took of ‘Bluenose’ leaving the harbour was probably the best I was going toContinue reading “How things can change in one hour!”