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This is getting so exciting and I just love that y’all are reading this.   (well if you’re not you won’t be reading this!)  I’m attaching a picture and agenda for the Antarctic trip.  We really haven’t hard and fast rules for the Buenos Aires trip.

For those of you who can write comments  its just to click on the square at the bottom of this page and add the comment You have to put in an e mail address but that won’t be published.  Dervla will be moderating the site while Pat and I are out of range.   Pat will probably be doing the photography and I’ll do the commentary’s … that way everyone will be on the right side of the camera!

Well for some reason the agenda won’t upload so here it is!

We arrive in Buenos Aires on 11/22 and doing all sorts of Tangoing (Now that Pat and I are experts.  We’ve had four lessons.).  We arrive in Ushayia on 11/30 and meet the team.  Nine of us altogether. We sail down the beagle channel to Cape Horn and then a three day crossing of the Drake Passage which is a pretty rough part of the South Atlantic.   Neither Pat nor I are proud  we’ll be wearing the motion patches and have motion ease to hand.   We expect to land on Hannah point around 12 /9  and then take more or less the same as this map.

We return to Ushayia on 12/21 and arrive in Orlando on 12 25.


Day 2

The beauty about traveling with Dierdre is that when plans go awry there’s always plan B.  After breakfast in the diner from ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil; we strolled along to the Cathedral which was very majestic.  I’m only sorry we didn’t have time to attend a service, the organ looked very impressive.

The graveyard in Savannah town is very old with a dueling ground right beside it and lots os Scottish graves as they came over to fortify the army in the war of Independence. and of course we met Americans who pointed over to the Graves saying that they could be our ancestors … The Mackintoshes!   I think not!  We drove out to Bonaventure which is an amazing Graveyard.  Some tombstones are higher than a three story building and many many ornate graves.

Back to see a ‘The Prophet’ in the Savannah film festival.  We felt we had to attend it since the interview.  I loved it .  Its dreamy but probably you would need to be aware of the book before you go.


First day in Savannah

We settled in once we got to the right hotel and found my credit cards and had a relatively quiet night .  The next day we did the bus tour around the historic district.  Absolutely beautiful and steeped in history.  The camera men were in Leopolds’s Ice cream shop because of the Savannah film festival and someone called Meg Ryan ( At least I think that was her name) was flying in and she was a friend of Leopold so they were interviewing him and I think they got wind of the marvelous interview I gave in Orlando so they pleaded with me (more or less) to give a few words.  I hope I didn’t upstage that little actress Meg.

Torrential rain but we went on down to the Riverside for a bite to eat and popped in to hear Harry O Donoghue was playing.  Very entertaining more like the Seanchai of old.  No photos of Kevin Barry’s but below are examples of the houses. The little one is one that Ginger Bread houses copy!   The original.. so they say.  The other photos are the Ice Cream shop with Leopold and and Irish film producer he brought over for me to meet.  … We couldn’t decide on a script but I’m pretty sure he’s call me when the right one comes up.

DSC_0147 IMG_0840 DSC_0160 DSC_0138

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