Arrived in Ushuaia

I’ve added in a couple of extra photos from our last day in Buenos Aires where we came across dancers who were keen to have their photos taken.  We went to the Planetarium and sat in a show that demonstrated how the GPS and computer mouse works with satellites and how the stars are aligned but unfortunately it was in Spanish so I couldn’t understand a word of it !!.   We then met up with a brilliant Tango dancer who was from Dublin  I have the video of that in Facebook.  I haven’t conquered the videos here yet.

I’ve also put a couple of photos from my IPhone in Facebook of Ushuaia .

We met up with the passengers and Laurent who is heading the expedition.  We will all be on ice watch!  Henk our captain was still preparing the boat and Charlie the first mate who was meant to join us last night may have got waylaid by an Ushuaian lass!! Don’t know if we’ll get to know any more about that.

Henk :  the Capt was a photographer in Amsterdam and has moved to Ushuaia.  HE has done a number of passages and thankfully is a very experienced .. no nonsense .. safe captain.

Charlie; our crew member who we met briefly on the boat has done the trip before however since he was waylaid I haven’t got much more information about him yet.

Laurent; the Team leader is originally from Switzerland and is a photographer with experience  from Mount Everest to both the poles.   He appears to be the diplomat of the team!   Its worth liking his facebook page to see what a miserable life he leads.  ‘Laurent Dick.’

Massismo ..Max   was a financier and has given it all up to do photography.  He has been travelling and publishing photos for the past six months.   We’ve already had an argument because he has a yellow jacket.  I thought everyone would be in red and  that was why I bought yellow.   For those of you who remember Alain Delon this is who would be cast in his role.

Priscilla Patrick is a radio announcer and famous throughout Malaysia, has been on the Alaska tour with Laurent and loved it so much she has joined for this one.  A feisty lady who also sings and I feel a little bit of competition here!  She travels two weeks in every three months.

Chris wins the prize for diversity in his job  He is originally from Brighton I don’t think he is related to the Brighton boy from the graveyard,  (Previous post! )  He told me he worked in Northern Ireland and I naturally assumed it was in the army but he was a trapeze artist then .  He went on to be a diving instructor and is now a paramedic.

Doug was also in the finance business originally but now owns a hotel in Yosemite.  He started his photographic interest when he took a mud motorbike trail over Mongolia. ( or somewhere exotic like that. )

And Pat and I who y’all know and love so well.

If there is anyone out there who has access to a libel lawyer please send a note as accuracy is not my forte and nor is filtering!!

One of the guests got prescriptions for Ondestron and phenagren for the trip  I’m disappointed he didn’t include morphine to accompany them and we could have had a three day opium ride in the fare.  I think its a given that the Drake passage is a difficult one and we should be prepared for sea sickness.  That just reminds me of the time I was so sea sick going up to Norway and Norman came out and told me he knew the cure for sea sickness.  .. sitting under a tree,   Somehow I wasn’t amused.

Until then! bye



Intercepting Thieves, Rides with the Police and Polo

Its a fine line writing a blog.  How much do you spend writing and going out and doing.  Of course everything we do is for the blog!


We had such a lovely time in Café Tortino that we returned the following night to see a Tango show, The waiter was a show as well.  I am continually trying to speak in Spanish however I think sometimes I might be making an eejit of myself.   I was in the rest room and the girls were waiting for the tip but I had forgotten to bring my purse.  I sort of acknowledged the tip jar and then said  ‘Asta La Vista ”  Well they loved that.

I caught a thief trying to get into my backpack just  in time.  The cheeky blade just stared at me.  You do have to be alert for thieves.   La Bocco is a small street in the middle of a very dangerous area where one does not go at night time.  The buildings are all brightly colored and Tango in ALL the cafes.  This tango is more the real type as opposed to the touristy show we saw the night before.  That one made 50 shades look like a children’s  story !  Pat loved it.

When we booked for La Bocco (Which I would recommend) the tourist guide told us to walk on the outside of the area,  which I thought we were,  however,  the police drove by and asked us where we wanted to go and drove us there.  Reminding us  it was a very dangerous place.  Hey Deirdre remember the police ride in Boston.


We went for a day out to the Polo ranch of Argentina.  I had seen in Trip advisor that it was number one.  ( Its also number one for the Empanada’s and I would agree there).   I was saying to Pat that maybe we shouldn’t go riding in case either of us fell off the horse before our big trip.  ( I have history of a couple of falls).  It was the wettest day of the trip at the beginning.  We watched the polo match and the rules of the game were explained and how to swing a mallet.   After a stupendous lunch the weather cleared and   we all got on the horses and had a match ourselves.  … SO much for playing safe!.   One of the guys on the horses with us looked like he was straight out of a Ralph Lauren ad with his worn out shirt and boots and swarthy skin and then he smiled at me.  Two teeth on either side of his mouth.  … hmmm maybe not.

Pats team won!  (He just read this blog and asked who won? … so I think he wants everyone to know).

Everyone is so friendly.  They whistle all the time!



More than just touristy pics


It’s so difficult to describe the ambience of a place.  The couple  who are about 106 yrs old and he was wearing the big french hat, strolling into the university which is a dilapidated old Cathedral that they are in the middle of renovating but it has the atmosphere of intense learning, the young girl who was quick to remind me that I was from NORTH America not, as I said America because we were all America coming home to the B and B that there is a Barbeque and Pablo and his Mother singing Argentinian songs with ‘beautiful voices’  and all the guests joining in saluting with their glasses.

We took a boat ride to Tiger river, OK! but probably better to stay in B A city as there is equally as beautiful scenery  in FL Wikevia river.   We were dropped off near the Cemetery where Eva Peron is buried.  We got a guide outside the gates who is from Brighton…. A bit strange, We thought he might be on the run from something as he hasn’t been home for 17 yrs and has the look of a man with a history.  (Needless to say I didn’t give him the blog address).  He was very good as a guide though,  showing us graves where the wife and husband stopped speaking to each other before they died and so are buried ‘back to back’  another one where there are two headstones and a statue of a beautiful girl who had narcolepsy.  She was buried alive and they discovered only the following day.  Amazing structures and Father Fahy who saved so many Irish during the famine , bringing them over here and getting work for them.

The adjacent church was charming with Georgian chants in the background and the statues of the Virgin Mary with the finest head of real hair which made it look a bit spooky.

Then ran out of Argentian money at the café   Fortunately they accepted a mixture of dollars and we went off to the ‘Blue’  (that’s how the girl described it)…Market’ to get Dollars off someone in the street.  Pat was a bit anxious about cheating the banks out of their commission but the rate is so much more favorable.  14.99 as opposed to 9.

We dandered around and strolled into a more modern church and then an old Cathedral which was being renovated and used as a university.  Photographs and words can’t really describe how vibrant the students and atmosphere was.

Walked along the river and got our first taste of REAL good Argentian steak.   MMMM HUW Ali be praised .

When we arrived back to the B and B we stayed about an hour at the Barbeque then off to bed “tired but happy”

Yesterdays photos and todays tale and photos

The first couple of photos are the Tango dancing in the Café, and the street.   The boy with the flag and girl dancing was an impromptu march celebrating the new Prime Minister.

Today we had no definite plans and came across the cathedral Pope Francis visited.  It is stunning.  There’s a picture below where the guards are guarding (as Guards are meant to do)  a gravestone of one of the past famous leaders. (nt sure who as we didn’t have a guide.   Pat looked at it and said  ‘I think you can just walk through them”  Reader … I tell you my heart was in my mouth .  I said ‘go on then’  and he did…  I was waiting for the guns to raise and he had the camera so there was nothing I could do.  But apparently you can just walk through them.   Great guarding EH?)

The Theatre Colon is amazing.  We took a tour but unfortunately we are unable to go to see a show as the Nutcracker starts next week.

We did some more dandering . Going into another equally charming church and decided we would put some structure into a couple of days so we strolled into Hotel Colon which, despite its unfortunate name is anything but a colon!   I told the concierge that we weren’t residents but he has booked us in anyway for a boat trip down the river and fancy Tango evening on Wed.

Going to try Café Tortino tomorrow .   The oldest Café in South America


e oldest café in South America


First day in Buenos AIres

Well we are just ironing out problems with the blog and today I got some terrific photos of Tango in the street, buskers, Tango in the Cafe, and finally Tango at night with everyone out dancing. Unfortunately we have the wrong connectors   We get some tomorrow.

The election results were favorable for the cafe owner  Lots of celebration in the street with a couple of good photos again.  (You’ll just have to imagine them today).

It was a lovely chilled day.   We started out with mass.  There was slight competition between the priest and the buskers outside playing erotic tango music.   Said a prayer to a saint with a ship in his hand so hope that will  sort out any sea sickness problems but Pat says to carry on with the patches anyway!

Dandered  around the market and then off to the riverside.   The B and B is charming and very well located.

Doing the Tango

Pat and I have had our lessons now at the Arthur Murray dance studio in Cassleberry.  I don’t know if we rate as their most successful students but it’s been great craic and we’re going to continue when we get back.  I tried uploading the video but it’s not taking so here is the pic and I’ll master the uploading of videos for Buenos Aires


I was worried in case there were mosquitos similar to the Arctic where they are as big as bats, could carry a dog sled and slurp up the Mossie repellent.  Fortunately there’s only flightless ones in the Antarctic.  For those of you who mosquitos love  maybe this is a good reason to vacation here.

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